Welcome to My UK Direct Blog

Hey guys, welcome to my website called UK Direct.

I recently spent a month visiting one of my favorite countries in the the world.  Yes, The UK.

As I was there for a full month I barely scratched the surface of visiting and doing all that I wanted to.

This BLOG is merely away to share some of the sites, sounds and extraordinary adventures I experienced during my travel in the UK.

By the way my name is” Shane”, and my travel companions were my Best of Friends, Darcy and Garrett. We all had decided a great time of year to visit the UK would be in the Spring time.  This way we miss some of the heavy Summer tourist traffic.  As I had never been to The UK and our friend Garrett had been on a number of occasions, Darcy and I left it to him to kind of be our guide so to speak.

I did however have some parts I wanted to see more than others and Darcy really could care less, he was as he said…”Far away from the The Good Ol’ USA”.

So the parts most important to me were of London of course.  But the others were to visit from some of my ancestry history and others from a more sporting and entertainment perspective.  You see, we all three have played US Soccer for over 15 years together. And as much as Darcy and Garrett are quite the Liverpool and Newcastle fans respectably, my alliance lie in Manchester with, Manchester United.

So with our itinerary literary penciled in we set out to visit London, Manchester, Liverpool and any and all points in between to find out the history of our favorite UK teams.  As well as try and look into some of my ancestry history in Nottingham.  I so was looking forward to seeing as many castles as I could.

We touched down London Heathrow Sunday April 12th. We only spent 4 days touring London as we knew we would have time on the back end of our visit to see anything we may have missed.

Now that I gave you a brief detail of our mission to OUR UK adventure.  The rest of this BLOG is to share what we found the MOST MEMORABLE activities we experienced along the way. We decided our first day we would tour around via limousine. The experience reminded us of touring our home city of Seattle, WA via limousine service on a beautiful 70 degree day.

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